Because of how this Winter has played out, and because of current (and forecasted) trail conditions, and because ‘healthy happy dogs’ runs through our blood, the 2024 CopperDog will have some major modifications to the weekend of March 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

While the CopperPull and CopperDash are still a go, the CopperDog 150, CopperDog 80, CopperDog 30, and CopperDog 15 have been cancelled.

It is not the kind of news we wanted to share but right decisions in regard to safety will always be our number one priority. And of all the factors there were in the balance, the dogs were what made us make this decision at this time. In the simplest of words; we will not ever put any of these super athletes in a position where there is great chance of injury. No ifs, ends, or buts.

Fear not however, the weekend will still have lots going on!

We are having a street party with music, food, and fireworks. We are having kids’ sled dog rides. We are having a mushing-related movie at the Calumet Theatre. We are having the Crafty Dog Vendor Fair at the Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge. And we are even having a fundraiser dinner at the Keweenaw Heritage Center! A detailed schedule will be made available by the end of the week.

Mushers, sponsors, and volunteers will all be contacted in the next few days in regard to what’s next.
Join us, and let’s make some lemonade!! And thanks for understanding; we tried. We really did…

Leave your dogs at home when watching the CopperDog

The CopperDog race has some great superstars. Yes, we all know the dedication and hard work the “humans” put into this sport, but I am talking about the “4 –legged” Superstars- the dogs. Coined by our Senior Race Advisor Todd Brassard, one of the phrases you may hear during race weekend is “Happy Healthy Dogs”. With a team of skilled veterinarians, as well as a group of mushers that know how to care for these athletes, CopperDog is continuously trying to live up to just that…happy, healthy dogs.

These animals’ health and welfare is one of the highest priorities. Throughout race weekend, the veterinarians on staff work to make certain that these animals are in healthy condition and that no one places them in jeopardy.

We here at CopperDog would be remiss, if we did not do our part, to assist in striving to keep these animals safe and healthy during the race. We want everyone to come out and enjoy race weekend. It’s an exciting event that, thanks to the communities in and surrounding the Keweenaw, we should all be proud of.

We want to keep the dogs out of harm’s way so here are a couple of tips for doing just that- Please keep “Fido” at home. We here at CopperDog love dogs. But during race weekend, keep your pets at home. It is distracting for the sled dogs and can be a health risk for them as well. Sled dogs live, function, and run with a pack mentality. Seeing a dog on a leash close by can disrupt this balance. We also want to keep the community pets safe; we do not want anyones’ beloved bow- wow to get into a situation that could potentially cause harm to them. Please do not come to the race, planning to feed the dogs. These animals are on very specialized diets that their mushers and handlers work hard to devise and maintain. (No hot dogs for these canines during race weekend!)

So hopefully we will see you all race weekend and remember safety first… please leave your pups at home.

How to Register for A 2024 CopperDog Race

Race Registration Help Videos

The following short videos provide an overview of the new CopperDog registration system and how to register for a 2024 CopperDog race.

Reigstration Help Videos

2 Videos

2024 Race Purse and Registration Set

The CopperDog plans to hold four races, the CD15, CD30, CD80, CD150. The board approved the race purse in advance of the opening of race registration scheduled for October 21st, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT.

Volunteers! Please Join us for CopperDog Volunteer Appreciation Night

Volunteers! Please Join us!


Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge

Join us at the Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge in Calumet for our Volunteer Appreciation Night!!! It’s the least we can do to show how amazed and thankful we are for the army that makes the CopperDog churn before, during, and after our race weekend!

There will be food, drinks, music, prizes, swag, memorabilia, and most importantly a chance to visit with friends, mushers, volunteers, sponsors, and officials

Join us as we celebrate a now renowned and world class event that is put on by you the volunteer!!! 2024? It’s right around the corner!!

Music by Bob Hiltunen 

The CopperDog is a community effort – without you the dedicated volunteers that show up every year, there would be no CopperDog!


Music by Bob Hiltunen 

The CopperDog is a community effort – without you the dedicated volunteers that show up every year, there would be no CopperDog!

Ryan Anderson Wins the 2023 CD150

Ryan Anderson put in a strong performance to win the 2023 CopperDog 150 on Sunday, March 5th. Michael Bestgen who has run every CopperDog150 race placed second, followed by J.R. Anderson who came in third. Another strong showing by Rita Wehseler found her finishing in fourth place ahead of our fifth place finisher Joanna Oberg. Our local musher and great supporter of the CopperDog, Tom Bauer finished in sixth place. All 17 teams finished the race. Maddie Longpre-Harrer, who grew up with the CopperDog along side her father Doug Harrer, completed her first CopperDog150.

10:18:3614Ryan Anderson12.81st
10:24:390:06:035Michael Bestgen12.72
10:36:560:18:200:12:179JR Anderson12.43
11:05:350:46:590:28:398Rita Wehseler11.94
11:13:350:54:590:08:0011Joanna Oberg11.85
11:15:540:57:180:02:191Tom Bauer11.76
11:26:021:07:260:10:082Sarah Tarlton11.67
11:26:411:08:050:00:3915Frank Holmberg11.58
11:34:071:15:310:07:264Bucky Tippett11.49
12:06:091:47:330:32:026Mary Manning10.910
12:06:091:47:330:00:007Lauren Stukenborg10.910
12:21:302:02:540:15:2110Jennifer Freking10.712
12:29:252:10:490:07:5516Brian Kandler10.613
12:31:562:13:200:02:3113Laura Neese10.514
13:11:302:52:540:39:343Blake Freking10.015
13:29:123:10:360:17:4212Maddie Longpre-Harrer9.816
14:07:573:49:210:38:4517Kevin Daugherty9.317
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