Because of how this Winter has played out, and because of current (and forecasted) trail conditions, and because ‘healthy happy dogs’ runs through our blood, the 2024 CopperDog will have some major modifications to the weekend of March 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

While the CopperPull and CopperDash are still a go, the CopperDog 150, CopperDog 80, CopperDog 30, and CopperDog 15 have been cancelled.

It is not the kind of news we wanted to share but right decisions in regard to safety will always be our number one priority. And of all the factors there were in the balance, the dogs were what made us make this decision at this time. In the simplest of words; we will not ever put any of these super athletes in a position where there is great chance of injury. No ifs, ends, or buts.

Fear not however, the weekend will still have lots going on!

We are having a street party with music, food, and fireworks. We are having kids’ sled dog rides. We are having a mushing-related movie at the Calumet Theatre. We are having the Crafty Dog Vendor Fair at the Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge. And we are even having a fundraiser dinner at the Keweenaw Heritage Center! A detailed schedule will be made available by the end of the week.

Mushers, sponsors, and volunteers will all be contacted in the next few days in regard to what’s next.
Join us, and let’s make some lemonade!! And thanks for understanding; we tried. We really did…

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